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About Us

Nature And Crafts is a registered brand owned by Biotrik Organization Pvt Ltd a start-up company recognized by Startup India with a view to encouraging hand-crafted products of India where things are “Taken from Nature, Crafted with Love”. We are redefining Indian e-retails and singing with the tune of “vocal for local” along with promoting international brands. As a promoter of handmade products, we offer a carefully curated complete variety of cosmetics, skincare, haircare, bath and body, fragrance, grooming tools, personal care, home care where everything is handcrafted or organic or natural. We maintain quality standards at every level as per the applicability and requirements to offer you the best according to the standards of ISO, GMP, AYUSH, and FDA. We believe beauty is a collective thing not always come through cosmetics that is why we deliver you all such hand-crafted, organic, or natural products that may make you happy to see you healthy and beautiful.

Dear visitor thanks for visiting us, help us in promoting our brand, your support may bring smiles to many faces. Together we can see a growing India, Made in India.

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